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Incorporate Hedtek Improvements to REST-API



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      A group of developers at Hedtek contacted the mailing list making us aware of their improvements they have made to the REST-API. Their improvements include tests, and other bug fixes to improve stability of the REST api. Their improvements have been made to their Git repository, which isn't quite a clone of the svn project for the dspace rest project.

      My / PeterDietz's question...
      Shall the dspace-rest project be moved to Github to make it easier for community contributions? Including to merge in these improvements from Hedtek. DSpace is potentially moving all code to GitHub, and if so, it would make sense for modules to move there as well anyways. Tim has recently moved the dspace-replicate module code there.

      If so, then I have no problem stitching together the history of our code history from SVN, and their disjoint work in their github. From then on, hedtek can fork the future consolidated git repository, and continue development as they had been. The next benefit is that DSpace can then merge in their improvements much easier. Merge, cherry-pick, or Pull-Request.

      Subject: [Dspace-devel] Testing the DSpace REST API
      From: Mark van Harmelen

      Hi everyone

      Through Jorum [1] we've been doing some JISC [2] funded work on testing the DSpace REST API. To date we have tested most of the 'read' side of the API, later we may be moving onto the 'write' side.

      You can find out what we have done so far at http://hedtek.com/2011/dspace-rest-api-testing/ including the URL of our github repo (that contains slightly modified code for the API and our tests).
      What we have found out about the API so far appears in the sole/first comment on the blog post.

      I am the sole Hedtek person on this list, if you want to ask questions or comment, I will pick them up, but even better please to cc them to hedtek@googlegroups.com


      [1] http://www.jorum.ac.uk/
      [2] http://www.jisc.ac.uk/




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