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display bitstream read access permissions on item page


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      This is an issue to track problems related with displaying accessibility of a bitstream on the item page. This is for XMLUI only. JSPUI would benefit from the same functionality, but the code would be disjunct, so I'll leave that for separate issue.

      Currently, there is no indication on the item page which users have permissions to access a bitstream or whether the current user can access a bitstream. The user has to try to access it, which will either download the bitstream if he has read rights or display an information that he doesn't have the permission along with a login form.

      Problem A)

      Currently, the information about access permissions is accessible by adding "?rightsMDTypes=METSRIGHTS" to the item's METS URL, which will embed permission information from METSRightsCrosswalk to METS. E.g.:


      It was pointed out that this might be an unintended feature. For the full conversation, see the "bitstream access rights in DRI?" thread: http://www.mail-archive.com/dspace-tech@lists.sourceforge.net/msg17312.html

      I suggest that access to this information should be accessible to the XMLUI themes, so it should be accessible from localhost and this could possibly be configurable to allow access from other hosts, for example for debugging reasons. So we could have something like:
      crosswalk.dissemination.METSRightsCrosswalk.accessible-from =,

      Can anyone give any pointers how to implement this kind of access restriction?

      I'd hate to see this implemented as an aspect. Like Tim pointed out, this information is a very powerful tool for theme developers and I already have other uses for it in mind (namely various implementations of DS-1021). So it should be accessible from XSLT.

      Problem B)

      Moved to a separate issue: DS-1266

      UPDATE: Filed a separate issue for "restrict access to access permissions in mets.xml" - DS-1258


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