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Use HTML5 to upload files in Submission Process of JSPUI


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    • Fix Version/s: 5.0
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      This ticket is the same as DS-1562, but for JSPUI.

      Currently files get uploaded using a html form. This has some major flaws for example if a transmission breaks the hole file has to be uploaded again, the size of files that can be uploaded this way is limited and you can only upload one file at once.

      HTML5 File API allows to define an element (f.e. a div-element) that can be used to drag and drop files on it. HTML 5 although can cut files in slizes. With this feature set it is possible to overcome the faults specified above. It is possible to drag and drop several files at once. With JavaScript every File will be sliced into chunks and each chunk will be transmitted seperatly. If a transmission fails only the chunk that was submitted has to be retransmitted. When all chunks got transmitted correctly the chunks have to be reassmbled on the server.

      There is a JavaScript Library that does allmost all of the HTML5 magic and has a compatible License. It can be found at http://github.com/23/resumable.js.

      This ticket is realeted to DS-1562, DS-1641 and DS-1639.


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