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Per item configurable visual indicators for browse and search results


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      Sometimes, it is very useful to have visual indicators next to each item in browse or search results. Marking each item differently gives you an easy way to spot specific items out of the list for ease access.
      Some examples in which visual indicators could be useful follow:

      1) Some repos contain items of different type (articles, book chapters, pictures). In browse and search results, the records mix up and user has no visual indication on which record is of which type
      2) Some repos may or may not have bitstreams attached to items. It could be useful if this indication is presented to user before displaying each item seperately
      3) Some repos apply different licences to bitstreams and this is something that could be displayed to the user in browse and search results

      We (@EKT) have developed an extension to add the aforementioned functionality with the following specs:

      1) Multiple marks can be added per item (i.e. mark the type of the item and the availability of the bitstreams)
      2) Easy configuration of the strategy of what mark to display in every item
      3) Marks based on images or a generic class (i.e. a glyphicon icon for bootstrap)
      4) Display tooltip when hovering the mark + localization of the tooltip
      5) Easy addtion of new strategies for any type of mark the user desires
      6) Add css styles for the user to configure the position of the marks in the list row

      Demo: http://esyp.saas.ekt.gr/esyp/browse?type=title&locale=en

      Shortly, I will fire the Pull Request and upload the documentation.




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