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      This contribution proposes to add Author Profile functionality to DSpace. The code is based on work commissioned to @mire by the World Bank.

      Click here for an example author profile on the World Bank's Open Knowledge Repository:


      • A web user interface where administrators can create, update and delete author profiles
      • Author profiles can be created for any author appearing in the DSpace metadata, it is not bound to EPeople (user accounts).
      • A separate entry in the public DSpace navigation "View author profiles" that lists the created author profiles. This is parallel to the existing "browse by authors". Browse by authors will still show all metadata entries for authors, while the "view author profiles" only lists those authors for which a profile has been created.
      • An icon that shows up in the Discovery author facet to give users easy access to author profiles when searching
      • Developed and tested for Mirage 1 and Mirage 2 XMLUI Themes.

      Technical details

      This implementation of author profiles adds a new DSpaceObject called AuthorProfile. As such, it relies on the contribution "metadata for all" that added flexible metadata support for all DSpaceObjects.

      To manage author profile metadata, a new metadata schema is being added, as author profile information does not map directly into Dublin Core.

      The pull request will be made available shortly, prior to the October 6 feature freeze deadline.


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