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Allow user to specify which <dmdSec> is used by the METS Ingester when importing METS from Packager script


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.6.0
    • Fix Version/s: 1.6.0
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      Currently, the DSpaceMETSIngester makes the choice of which <dmdSec> to crosswalk when a METS file is ingested by the Packager script. The current algorithm is as follows (as documented in DSpaceMETSIngester.chooseItemDmd() method):

      (1) Crosswalk the MODS <dmdSec> if found
      (2) If MODS not found, crosswalk the DC <dmdSec> if found
      (3) If neither are found, crosswalk the first <dmdSec> encountered

      I'd like to propose that we also allow the user to specify the primary <dmdSec> to be crosswalked, via a commandline parameter. So, instead, the new algorithm would be:

      (1) Crosswalk the <dmdSec> specified by the "dmd" parameter to the Packager script (if specified)
      (2) If "dmd" param not specified, crosswalk the MODS <dmdSec> if found
      (3) If MODS not found, crosswalk the DC <dmdSec> if found
      (4) If none are found, crosswalk the first <dmdSec> encountered

      The reasoning for this change is that it could be possible that there are multiple <dmdSec>'s and the MODS or the DC may not actually be the best choice to crosswalk (to avoid metadata loss). A simple example could be if a user had exported a METS file from DSpace containing both DIM and MODS. With the old algorithm, the MODS <dmdSec> would be choosen....even though in this special case the DIM <dmdSec> would be more appropriate as DSpace doesn't even need to crosswalk it.

      A patch is attached for review.




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