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Remove /bin scripts (replaced by 'dspace' commmand)



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.2
    • Fix Version/s: 1.7.0
    • Component/s: DSpace API
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      Must also check documentation to ensure all references have been removed.

      [08:52am] stuartlewis: Can I raise a quick question? In 1.6.1 we sort-of deprecated the /bin scripts. Can we vote to remove them in 1.7?
      [08:53am] stuartlewis: (just leave 'dspace', and any non-java scripts)
      [08:53am] mhwood: If it's been announced already, and we make some more noise as release approaches, I think we should do that.
      [08:54am] bollini: I agree too
      [08:54am] tdonohue: hi stuartlewis – sure, we can vote on that... I'd be +1
      [08:54am] kgerbeitson: +1, definitely with noise
      [08:54am] kshepherd: yep, +1 to removal and to more noise/documentation
      [08:54am] richardrodgers: stuartlewis: can we replace them with clones that say 'use dpsace'?
      [08:55am] kshepherd: richardrodgers: hmm.. that's a good idea for people who forget about old cronjobs, etc.
      [08:55am] richardrodgers: (just to be a little friendlier about pulling the rug out)
      [08:55am] stuartlewis: richardrodgers: Maybe, but we've got to deprecate them sometime, so it might just confuse people more? Maybe a clean cut is better? Especially if people run these via cron, they might not see the warning message.
      [08:55am] richardrodgers: true - it might get lost
      [08:55am] kshepherd: it it's stderr output, cron should email it
      [08:55am] mhwood: If they don't see the message from a cron job, will they see the job fail?
      [08:56am] PeterDietz: also, are we changed the header code license to be a bit more abbreviated
      [08:56am] stuartlewis: So we're plus four (incl me) for dropping the scripts. Any other votes?
      [08:56am] tdonohue: I'd like to see us actually cut things off that we 'deprecate', and just document/announce it broadly (we've been notoriously bad about this in the past – we've been releasing with a deprecated DCValue class for years now)
      [08:57am] richardrodgers: +1 ok with me
      [08:57am] stuartlewis: Thanks - will get that done.




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