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RmiTransport not closing the journal



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Fedora 3.3
    • Fix Version/s: Fedora 3.4
    • Component/s: legacy - Fedora
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      I reported the following back in January:


      We are having trouble getting the RMI Journal Receiver to close journal files and I wonder if anyone can provide assistance. We have two Fedora 3.3 instances setup with the Primary named Moscow and the Secondary named Kiev. The journaling setup for Moscow is as follows:

      <module role="fedora.server.management.Management" class="fedora.server.journal.Journaler">
      <param name="journalFileSizeLimit" value="100M"/>
      <param name="journalFileAgeLimit" value="1M"/>
      <param name="journalWriterClassname" value="fedora.server.journal.readerwriter.multicast.MulticastJournalWriter"/>
      <param name="transport.local.classname" value="fedora.server.journal.readerwriter.multicast.LocalDirectoryTransport"/>
      <param name="transport.local.directoryPath" value="/usr/local/journals/archiveFiles"/>
      <param name="transport.local.crucial" value="true"/>
      <param name="transport.follow1.classname" value="fedora.server.journal.readerwriter.multicast.rmi.RmiTransport"/>
      <param name="transport.follow1.crucial" value="true"/>
      <param name="transport.follow1.hostName" value="kiev"/>
      <param name="transport.follow1.service" value="RmiJournalReceiver"/>

      I've set the follower to crucial for testing so I know when its failed. When I make a change on the Moscow Fedora it creates a journal file in /usr/local/journals/archiveFiles on moscow and also sends a copy to kiev:

      [root@kiev journals]# ls /usr/local/ndr-content/journals/journalFiles/

      but the above journal is never closed, so when I make a second change on Moscow I get the following error from the RMI Journal Receiver:

      java -jar RmiJournalReceiver.jar /usr/local/ndr-content/journals/journalFiles
      ERROR - Attempting to open file 'fedoraJournal20130104.112928.178Z' when file 'fedoraJournal20130104.112651.626Z' has not been closed.

      Note the RMIJournal Receiver is running on kiev. I've tried manually copying the journal files from Moscow /usr/local/journals/archiveFiles to kiev /usr/local/ndr-content/journals/journalFiles/ and these get applied correctly so I think the problem is with the RMIJournalReciever. The journals are correctly closed on Moscow:

      [root@moscow objects]# ls /usr/local/journals/archiveFiles
      fedoraJournal20121109.150753.709Z fedoraJournal20130104.092118.451Z fedoraJournal20130104.104736.028Z fedoraJournal20130104.111949.758Z fedoraJournal20130104.112928.178Z
      fedoraJournal20130104.085612.224Z fedoraJournal20130104.092225.537Z fedoraJournal20130104.105831.895Z fedoraJournal20130104.112411.838Z
      fedoraJournal20130104.085936.569Z fedoraJournal20130104.092911.764Z fedoraJournal20130104.110746.708Z fedoraJournal20130104.112651.626Z

      Thanks for your help

      Glen Robson
      Head of Systems
      National Library of Wales




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