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Write a proof-of-concept MigrationIDMapper implementation in migration-utils to support custom hierarchy.


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      Implementations of org.fcrepo.migration.MigrationIDMapper may be chosen in the spring configuration to control how identifiers (PIDs) in fedora 3 are mapped to URIs in fedora 4. Currently there's only a single implementation that chops up the pid to create a path in fedora 4.

      We'd like to create a method by which people can take advantage of hierarchy in the content they migrate to fedora 4.

      The basic interface for MigrationIDMapper is only provided with pid and datastream id when mapping objects or datastream identifiers to fedora 4. This requirement comes from the fact that the mapping has to be done when processing references to other objects in the RELS-EXT datastreams. It also is advantageous to avoid computationally expensive operations (like querying a running fedora 3 resource index, or loading and processing information from a fedora 3 object) each time one of these ids must be resolved. Instead, if the mapping is complex, an approach where the mapping for all the pids in the repository is done first (perhaps by a completely unrelated process) may prove best.

      One possibility would be to create a MigrationIDMapper implementation that simply takes a simple text file (property, csv, or something like it) that contains mappings from pids to fedora 4 paths. Then, for complex collections, one need only write a script in whatever language they favor to produce such a list.


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