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Improve JMS queue configuration



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    • Fix Version/s: Fedora 5.1.0
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      Sprint 2017 - 19, Fedora 2018 API Alignment 3


      In the Fedora Tech meeting from 2017-03-16 [1], it was decided to simplify the process for toggling between the three JMS configurations:

      • publishing to a topic (default)
      • publishing to a queue
      • not publishing

      The suggestion out of that meeting was to:
      1. enable toggling between these options with a system property
      2. improve the messaging configuration to limit resources when the queue option is selected

      The previous approach for repository configuration used to be to use system properties to select between pre-packaged configuration files. As of this ticket:
      ..the recommendation has shifted to encouraging repository administrators to use a single configuration file that has been externalized from the deployed war.
      That said, I would suggest that this ticket therefore be refocused to:
      1. improve inline fcrepo-config.xml documentation to clarify the option to comment out either the topic or the queue sections.. or both if the administrator wants to disable messaging
      2. (same) improve the messaging configuration to limit resources when the queue option is selected

      The assignee of this ticket should use their own judgement to determine if it makes sense to add more configuration in service of the #2 task above.

      There are three fcrepo-config.xml files that should be updated in the course of working this ticket:

      [1] https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/2017-03-16+-+Fedora+Tech+Meeting


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