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Increased flexibility to derive the configuration of a repository



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      Discussion at the committers' Skype meeting of 26 Jul 2011 included questions about the flexibility of Fedora's configuration mechanism. This issue is a holding tank for that discussion, which will go farther as time allows. Some points raised:

      1) The purpose of FEDORA_HOME is not entirely clear and agreed. FEDORA_HOME contains configuration, slowly-changing state (e.g. repository-wide policies), and (often) quickly-changing state like the primary object store.

      2) Fedora's installation procedures are bound up with configuration. We're not perfectly sure what a perfect installation procedure looks like, and the best road forward for configuration may depend on that. Chris mentioned the desire for an easy way for (human) installers to align Fedora's state on the filesystem with FHS-- e.g. configuration in etc, changing state in var, and so forth. Eddie pointed out that this is all very well-- for *nix. Chris also pointed out that many Java webapps offer a means by which a simple default configuration is engaged if no alternative

      3) There are some questions about technique and the best use of Spring to fulfill our designs for configuration.

      4) Eddie mentioned the idiom often found in scripted webapps in which code is placed on the filesystem (or in a container) and then configuration (as a human act) occurs on the first load of the app. It was widely agreed that this is a very pleasant way to deploy and would be attractive to many.

      5) Adam make the wild-eyed claim that OSGi offers powerful configuration services, and that it would be as well to move forward with that in mind and be prepared to shift configuration into that framework, since OSGi is where Fedora is headed.

      6) It was generally agreed that more discussion is in order!


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