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Pass PID with islandora_object_mapper



      It would be useful to add an objects PID to the return result of the utility funciton 'islandora_objects_object_mapper($object_id)', found here: https://github.com/Islandora/islandora/blob/7.x/theme/theme.inc#L261. My reasoning is pure convince while pre-processing the SOLR default display back end (grid view, list view). Implementing '{MODULE/THEME}_preprocess_islandora_basic_collection_grid(&$variables)' will not reveal the PID for each object in the result set (surprisingly). While it is possible to do this with additional theme functions and implementations, it would be unnecessary work for something simple.

      --Use Case--
      Doing most anything in list or grid preprocess, such as '{THEME}_preprocess_islandora_basic_collection_grid(&$variables)' while using the SOLR display backend. One may wish to construct additional content viewed per object in the grid.

      --Technical Approach--
      Given how useful this could be, i would like to add the pid to the utility function 'islandora_objects_object_mapper(&$variables)' return array.

      --Test Case--
      View a collections children grid or list. The extra property 'pid' is available in the objects array

      To my knowledge, there would be no negative impact on islandora core. This would simply make custom work a little easier.

      Morgan Dawe
      Theme Developer
      discoverygarden inc. | Managing Digital Content




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