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Open social gadgets not showing on individual page or in search results


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      The Selenium test suite is called OpenSocialGadgets. Below you will find the steps I take to test this. The files I am using are 3 years old, so that might have something to do with it. The Open Social heading appears on the individual page and in the search results, but the four gadgets that should be there aren't. (See attached screen prints.)

      Here are the steps:

      1) Open phpMyAdmin and select the vivo database.
      2) Select the Import option.
      3) Browse to find [vivo]/vitro-core/opensocial/shindig_orng_tables.sq l and load it.
      4) Browse to find [vivo]/vitro-core/opensocial/shindig_example_gadgets.sq l and load it.
      5) Within the folder where runtime.properites lives, create a shindig folder.
      6) Within the shindig folder, create two sub-folders: conf and openssl.
      7) Place the shindig encryption key (file securitytokenkey.txt) in the openssl folder.
      8) Copy the setenv.bat file into the [tomcat]/bin folder (edit it as needed).
      9) Update the build.properties file to uncomment the open social settings and set them appropriately:
      OpenSocial.shindigURL = http://localhost:8080/shindigorng
      OpenSocial.tokenService = lib-hlm7.library.cornell.edu:8777
      OpenSocial.tokenKeyFile = c:/VIVO/data/shindig/openssl/securitytokenkey.txt
      10) Deploy VIVO ("ant all").
      11) Run "ant orng".
      12) Start tomcat.
      13) Run the test suite (which includes a rebuild of the search index).
      14) Set everything back (at a minimum comment the stuff in build.properties), delete and recreate the database, and redeploy.




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